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  1. After pulling data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the Canadian initiative found that approximately 13 percent of sexually active women between 35 and 44 have slept with a man at least 5 years their junior.

  2. It also says a lot that these are the first things I heard, much louder and more common than excitement, gratitude for my trust, and celebration of my trans identity.

  3. Annie Mc Guire from Fraudaid an organization that works with fraud victims acknowledges that a scammer will take the information given to them and will do the following in the victims name; open a credit card, access banking accounts, open an online business, and wreak havoc on the victim’s life.

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  6. The sample included 19,131 participants who had been married once between 20, and were asked where they met – was it online dating sites; email or instant messaging; online communities such as chat rooms or virtual reality games; or social networking sites.

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