Updating firmware on linksys wrt54g

You’ll see the progress bar as the utility transfers the new firmware to your sick router.When it’s done, try rebooting it and see if you can get to the web management window by going to with your browser.Make sure to click the right WRT54G version that you’re trying to unbrick. A very, very cool tool called Firmware Upgrade Utility.

updating firmware on linksys wrt54g-80

The first step is to go to that page and download the vxworks_prep_GS_v03file.

After unzipping the files, run the Vx Img Tool utility.

I changed retry to 99 times, and clicked “Upgrade”.

After the transfer progress went through its routine, the status message finally said “Firmware was upgraded successfully! Was my long-bricked Linksys router finally brought back from the grave?

This article will provide step by step instructions on how to update the firmware of any Linksys product supported by the manufacturer.

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This awesome little application upgrades the firmware via TFTP.

According to the DD-WRT instructions for upgrading from a bad flash, you can just use the good Link Sys firmware image that you just created with the utility above, or the DD-WRT image file (included in the zip package you unpacked).

I had honestly started this little “unbricking” endeavor thinking that all odds were against me.

But, when you’re dealing with nothing more than a paperweight, really – what do you have to lose?

In this case, I opened a command prompt and typed:“TFTP -i PUT dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_micro.bin”After a quick file transfer screen, the following box opened up.

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