Nonverbal communication in dating relationships

The study of speed dating has been known to be an effective form of pairing couples up quickly for a quicker way of dating. Qualitative Research Reports In Communication, 12(1), 71-78.

Maintaining healthy communication is arguably one of the most important aspects of a romantic relationship.

Researchers also found that “synchronization”, or the “movement echo or position mirroring and subjective experience of pleasure and interest in opposite-sex encounters”, was evident when the paired couple was experiencing pleasure with each others company. Speed dating is more prevalently used today, because it allows people to ease into the dating scene.

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Gladwell describes the interactions between the couple while they were on a date. Some people are newly divorced or just looking to start back up dating after a long time relationship that got broken off.

Speed dating has been described as the “future of matchmaking”, because it’s so different that the old, mundane way of just asking someone out on a date and going through the motions of actually dating. Rapidly Recognizing Relationships: Observing Speed Dating in the South.

It’s also one of main causes relationships end due to the fact everyone communicates depending on differing personal standards.

Also, in a society that’s advancing technologically every day, important communication skills can be lost in a sea of social media and smart phones.

Speed dating is conducted now days in a variety of bars, wine houses, and even some parties.

Nonverbal cues or kinesics have a lot to do with speed dating.“It’s easier to recognize how your body is feeling rather than how you might want to express yourself in that moment.” Physical factors to pay attention to include an increased heart rate, shortness of breath and feeling flushed.Remember that it’s okay to take a break from the argument if you need to calm down and come back to the conversation when you’re both feeling more level-headed.Try not to air your grievances on the Internet.“When it’s written, it can be really challenging to understand the tone or if there’s sarcasm.People take for granted how much communication is non-verbal,” said Katy Janousek, Sexual Health Coordinator at the University Health Center.Do: Use “I” Language Don't: Place blame Using “I” language helps your partner understand how you’re feeling without placing the blame on them.“’I’ statements help you separate your emotions out from what you’re really feeling versus what you’re putting out there.


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