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That someone was a staff member who had accidentally hit the wrong button, the Texas senator told CNN.

Cruz declined to identify the staff member or say if the person would be punished.

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I wrote a simple script to re-register all the Exchange 2013 performance counters.

Event ID 1001 indicates that the counter has been removed, while Event ID 1000 is logged as soon as the counter has been loaded again.

I think it’s about 0–500 in value, but I haven’t added it up.

There are also ways to increase the chances of getting all of the books.

Setup New-Perf Counters -Definition File Name MSExchange ISStore Perf -File Mapping Size 10485760 New-Perf Counters -Definition File Name Physical Access Perf -File Mapping Size 8388608 Edit the Machine.config file and increase the default value from 524288 to the desired one, like described here.

Counter name is LDAP Queries Issued by Expanded Groups., category name is Expanded Groups Cache.

This story is completely untrue and comes from a tainted and untrustworthy source.


  1. Instead of blistering judgment, in His matchless grace He offers mercy to all who will but receive it of Him in the person of Jesus Christ.

  2. I am glad this has the ability to switch shoulders.

  3. According to this account, neither Lanza nor any of the occupants of the classroom spoke.

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