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One measure of rejection asks children to list peers they like and dislike.Rejected children receive few "like" nominations and many "dislike" nominations.

Chronic peer rejection may lead to a negative developmental cycle that worsens with time.

Rejected children are more likely to be bullied and to have fewer friends than popular children, but these conditions are not always present.

Rejection by an entire group of people can have especially negative effects, particularly when it results in social isolation.

Rejection may be emotionally painful because of the social nature of human beings and the need of social interaction between other humans is essential.

Social rejection occurs when an individual is deliberately excluded from a social relationship or social interaction.

The topic includes interpersonal rejection (or peer rejection), romantic rejection and familial estrangement.

Psychologists believe that simple contact or social interaction with others is not enough to fulfill this need.

Instead, people have a strong motivational drive to form and maintain caring interpersonal relationships.

Specifically, fear of rejection leads to conformity to peer pressure (sometimes called normative influence), and compliance to the demands of others.

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