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Just because a couple is still in the “dating phase” doesn’t mean there won’t be a few snags, and just because there are a few snags that doesn’t mean the two are incompatible or the relationship is doomed to fail. Wilfried Busse offers dating counseling for those who are experiencing issues that may cause problems down the line, but want to address them before they do.

The artifact, more than 2,000 years old, dates to the Egyptian Ptolemaic period.

OI founder James Henry Breasted purchased the artifact, and many others, during his honeymoon trip to Egypt in 1894-95.

“There is absolutely nothing in Cooke’s profile to suggest that she would be compatible with a sexually promiscuous internet sex toy purveyor and aficionado,” reads the complaint, filed in California Supreme Court last week.

Another alleged match, a man who re-entered the workforce after retiring to make ends meet, was “not even a semblance of the successful entrepreneur who could travel the world" that Cooke, an executive at two healthcare firms, was seeking in her profile, according to the complaint.

Eighty-five-year-old Audrey Davison never expected to meet the love of her life at a nursing home. He made her laugh, and she moved to his floor to be closer to him.

They fell in love and made plans to become married, but he, unfortunately, grew ill and died this year.

Just because a relationship is in its early stages doesn’t mean it’s too early to start addressing concerns, especially if you want the relationship to continue to grow. D., is a licensed psychologist specializing in Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) for the treatment of PTSD, depression, grief, and more.

Contact our office online or call (301) 656-0701 today! I’m still a believer after 6 months because I no longer have the intense “cringe reactions” and queasy feelings I used to have before I discovered EMDR!

At the Hebrew Home, the care-takers have set up a G-Date system (Grandparent Date).

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