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When a member transfers through to Corporate Super- Personal, any Contribution Fee will cease.Corporate Super continually receives recognition for excellence by the leading independent industry research houses and consultants.

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On average our clients have consolidated accounts with balances in excess of $23,000.

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As the leading provider of superannuation information and services we provide clients with an up to date listing of all their superannuation account numbers with the latest account balances that can be helpful in consolidating all your super into one competitive account including a Self-Managed super fund.

Find my super will consolidate for a once only fee of $250.00 that will save you each year in ongoing fees.

This is required by the funds before a superannuation search can commence.

You may be regarded as a lost member of a super fund, approved deposit fund or eligible roll over fund if: Your fund has been unable to contact you because you have changed address and the fund has received return mail "not known at this address"; you are an inactive member because your previous employer no longer contributes or your account was transferred from another fund as a lost or inactive member and the new fund has not been advised of your new address.

The Contribution Fee is negotiated between you, the employer and the plan’s financial adviser and One Path Life.

If applicable, this fee is deducted from any initial, additional and regular contributions when made.

If you’re a member of Corporate Super, your employer has given you access to a flexible, cost-effective super solution – with a range of features and benefits for you.


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