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Along with enchanting scenery, Prague offers abundant opportunities to learn about its complex history, take a breather in picturesque parks, and sample local cuisine.So book that plane or train ticket and discover why travelers continue to flock to this medieval city.Most of the gay bars and clubs are open and welcoming to women and some have specific lesbian nights.

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Prague’s lesbian scene may not be as upfront and raunchy as its male counterpart but the city’s famed tolerance and liberalism applies just as much to the lesbian side of things.

The country legalized same sex partnerships in 2006 and lesbian couples will not encounter prejudice here.

For addresses and opening hours of these places please click on the Prague Gay Guide tab to the left of this text.

CULTURE AND EVENTS This film and music-loving city has many cultural options for the lesbian visitor including an annual film festival (Mezipatra), a lesbian-themed art gallery and occasional lesbian-themed theatre productions.

Trdelnik, twisted cinnamon dough filled with various sweet ingredients, is a must-try in Prague.

Luckily, there are numerous trdelnik stands around the city to find the dessert and watch the trdelniks being prepared in front of your eyes.

The panoramic view of Prague that greets you at the last stair is totally worth the effort (or elevator ride).

There are virtually no skyscrapers and tall buildings in the city, which means an unobstructed view for miles.

The Lennon Wall started as an act of defiance against the Communist regime in the 1980s.


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